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About Us

Family Forward is working to build workplaces and communities that value and support families.

We are a national organization and network that will create, gather, and disseminate research, actionable projects, and communication to state-focused affiliates. Our first state chapter is located in Oregon.

We will build family forward workplaces and communities by 1) Engaging Workplaces, 2) Creating Coalitions, and 3) Mobilizing Families.

(1) Engaging Workplaces: We are creating a Family Forward Workplaces Network that will recognize employers that value families by embracing employees’ caretaking responsibilities, encouraging work-life balance, and developing long-term economic security for all workers.

That network will work with us to establish Family Forward Workplace Standards – a set of policies and practices that benefit ALL workers -- salaried and hourly, full-time and part-time, temporary and permanent.

We will provide certification and recognition to workplaces that meet the Family Forward Workplace Standards. This designation will be a public acknowledgment of how workplaces values families and will build momentum toward social sustainability in all workplaces.

(2) Creating Coalitions: We will establish a new, strong advocacy coalition that will establish a long-term Family Forward policy agenda. We will work to achieve it through partnerships, collective prioritization, shared resources, and grassroots organizing.

(3) Mobilizing Families: We will develop educational programs for parents and other caregivers. Through reading groups, workshops, and classes, participants will learn about the systemic political and economic issues that challenge families and the ways they can take action for positive change.