Centro de Transporte Sustentable de México, A.C.

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About Us

CTS-MEXICO’S MISSION is to catalyze sustainable mobility solutions that improve quality of life in Mexican cities. At CTS-Mexico we believe in creating safe cities that are vibrant and full of life. We want cities to reflect the human dimension, cities that are built for people, not for automobiles. Through the design and implementation of sustainable urban mobility models, CTS-Mexico seeks to positively impact both the structure and function of our cities.

WHO WE ARE: CTS-Mexico is a non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical organization. The Center is guided by a Board of Directors composed of individuals distinguished by their commitment to improving quality of life in Mexico. CTS-Mexico forms part of an international network of Centers for Sustainable Transport associated with EMBARQ–World Resources Institute (WRI), which are our institutional partners.

EMBARQ Network: CTS-Mexico is a member of the EMBARQ–WRI network of Centers for Sustainable Transport, headquartered in Mexico, Brazil, the United States of America (USA), India, the Andean Region and Turkey. EMBARQ is the WRI’s Center for Sustainable Transport, and it acts as a social, financial and environmental catalyst for solutions to urban mobility problems.

WRI: With over 25 years of experience, the World Resources Institute is one of the most prestigious international environmental organizations. Working at the intersection of environmental and human needs, WRI is an environmental think tank that goes beyond research to find practical ways to protect the earth and improve people’s lives. CTS-Mexico’s collaboration with WRI broadens our extensive network by providing ample access to information and contacts from all over the world in the fields of geography, energy, air quality, natural resource management and transportation.

CTS-Mexico's Objectives  Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  Increase the quality and cost effectiveness of urban mobility systems.  Recover and revitalize public spaces.  Improve public-health and security conditions.  Increase traffic safety in public transportation.  Favor equity and accessibility in public transportation.

Values: CTS-Mexico shares WRI’s values. These are  Integrity  Innovation  Urgency  Independence  Respect