The Crime Victims' Center of Chester County, Inc.

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135-137 West Market Street
West Chester
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About Us


The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County, Inc. (CVC) is a nonprofit agency providing free, immediate, and confidential crisis response and compassionate support to children and adults impacted by crime and violence. We provide assistance through counseling, advocacy, resources, and education. The Center fosters community awareness and understanding through its comprehensive outreach and prevention programs.


The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County strives to be the model organization providing counseling, advocacy, resources, and education to those victimized, directly and indirectly, by crime and violence within our community.


After 40 years of serving victims, witnesses, and their families, CVC knows that the effects of crime are often intense and far-reaching, causing great distress. Victims often feel discouraged, isolated, and fearful.

CVC offers immediate and continuing assistance and support to victims and witnesses of crime and their families. Our goal is to offer a full spectrum of services from which victims, witnesses, and family members may choose their path of action. Our philosophy of empowerment enables victims to move through the healing process and regain control over their lives.

Although reporting crime is not a condition for receiving services, CVC can support victims who choose to report by accompanying them throughout the criminal justice process. Family members and witnesses are also eligible for these services.

Victims are entitled to dignity and respect. They may be entitled to crime victims’ compensation, services and other state-mandated rights that ensure the respectful treatment of victims. CVC informs victims of these rights and assists.


CVC offers counseling, advocacy, and other on-going support to child and adult victims of any type of crime. Nondiscrimination is fundamental at CVC. Support is also available to family members, friends, and significant others. Regardless of when the assault occurred, victims are encouraged to contact CVC.