Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Charleston

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1662 Ingram Road
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About Us

As the social service agency of the Catholic Church, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Charleston, Inc. has been active in the lives of individuals in need for over 50 years. We currently offer programs and services for immigrants, adults and seniors, homeless individuals, those in need of medical assistance, and more. We work to accomplish our goals of building a world of greater charity, justice, and peace through the provision of direct services, education and advocacy. Catholic Charities works with a variety of local and national organizations, parish communities, and like-minded religious institutions from a variety of denominations. Following the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Gospel, and the Catholic Church, Catholic Charities seeks to help all people in need, regardless of their faith, race, or history. We do not discriminate when providing services, hiring, or working with partner organizations or individuals.