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About Us

Our mission is to provide foster care, adoption, and mentoring services to abused, neglexted adn at-risk children. Our focuses are advocacy, prevention. treatment, reunification, permanency and community outreach.

Child Safe Michigan's Community Based Mentoring Program is the only successful program in the state of Michigan that is dedicated primarily to youth in foster care ages 7-23. Not only do youth in foster care have to deal with age appropriate problems, they also have to face being separated from family, residing in new homes, attending new schools and the hardest issue of all, dealing with the abuse/neglect that led to their placement in foster care. Given all of this, our youth are presented with a myriad of risk factors. Mentoring is a proven and effective way to combat the negative experiences. The mentor/mentee relationship offers the youth the chance to develop a relationship with an adult, other than an authority figure, who then becomes a friend, role model and advocate for the youth. This caring, consistent relationship leads to increased self-esteem, improved social skills, additional opportunities for success in life, and an improved outlook on the future for the youth. This program would require a one year commitment and also require that you meet 2-4 times a month with the youth.

Child Safe Michigan currently runs a successful elementary school based mentoring program at two elementary schools. One program is located in Madison Heights and the other in Clinton Township working with youth from 3rd through 5th grade. Our school-based program starts in January, one day a week, for an hour after school, for a total of 14 weeks. This program is focused on team-building, self-esteem building, having a positive attitude, bullying and Childhelp's "speak up be safe" program.

Child Safe Michigan also runs a high school based mentoring program at an Alternative High School in Hazel Park. This program focuses on team building, identifying and overcoming obstacles, goal setting and achieving, academic achievement, as well as, life skills including career and college exploration, money management, interviewing and resume writing skills. We are in need of working professionals who can dedicate one hour a week during the school day for a total of 26 weeks. This program is set to begin in September of 2012.

Child Safe Michigan will also be starting its first middle school mentoring program at an alternative middle school inHazel Park that will begin in January 2013. This program is focused on assisting youth in exploring who they are and what they stand for, being their own leader, appreciating diversity, building positive relationships, setting goals, improving academic grades, and mapping out their future academically and personally. We are in need of individuals over the age of 20 who can commit to the full 16 weeks of this program.