The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI)


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About Us

PCATI, founded in 1990, works for the abolition of torture in interrogation and the restoration of full respect for human rights in Israel's law and practices and aims at strengthening the rule of law by protecting these rights. PCATI also aims at informing the public and raising public oposition to the use of torture, altering policies and practices involving torture and ill treatment, and providing legal aid to victims.

PCATI has succeeded in raising public awareness to the existence of torture in interrogation, an issue that was denied for the most part since the establishment of the State of Israel and has made torture the subject of national debate. PCATI also works to assure detainees a fair trial in accordance with international standards.

PCATI won a historic victory when, on September 6, 1999, in response to petitions of principle PCATI began submitting to the High Court of Justice in 1991, the High Court ruled to prohibit the use of torture during interrogation.

PCATI works in all areas involving torture and ill treatment in interrogation and during detention and on related issues involving violations of human rights in Israel, the Occupied Territories and the Palestinian Authority. PCATI activities include:

-Monitoring of Detention Centers, legal aid and advocacy -Filing urgent petitions and petitions of principle to the High Court of Justice -Filing complaints to the authorities on torture, ill treatment, the killing of civilians during military operations and related issues -Documentation -Education and outreach -Publication of reports -Lobbying -Acting as an information and resource center on torture, ill-treatment and related issues