The Proventus Foundation


Ul. Katowicka 47


About Us

The PROVENTUS Foundation is a non-government, non-profit organization acting in the field of the public benefit. Its mission is: •supporting all social initiatives, •promoting versatile development of Polish society, •promoting activities in favour of the common good in the fields of education, science, culture, art, environmental protection, health protection, charity work, humanitarian and social aid, •initiating and strengthening contacts with the nations and countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Foundation’s priorities are: •supporting social, informative, cultural, scientific and educational activities in order to develop democracy, market, science, culture and arts in Poland; •charity work, humanitarian aid, health protection and social aid; •supporting activities contributing to the development of small and medium-size enterprises; •supporting local and regional development in terms of enterprise, active community life, local government, science and culture; •propagating cultural heritage of local and regional communities; •initiating and reinforcing cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries in accordance with the above-mentioned objectives.

The Foundation implements its statutory objectives by: •initiating and supporting research and informative programmes, scholarships and sponsoring projects; •co-organizing and sponsoring films, music and visual recordings, concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, authors' meetings, lectures, magazines, journals, books, picture books, records, sporting events, expeditions, courses and trainings; •establishing institutions that are vital in promulgating humanitarian values stated in the Foundation’s objectives – by means of radio and TV broadcasts, press, schools, multimedia and the Internet; •providing financial, conceptual and organizational help and cooperating with scientific and educational centres and other institutions, including individual persons and in particular non-government organizations acting in related fields; •awarding its own honorary titles, medals, diplomas and other distinctions to individual persons as well as companies and institutions that contribute to the implementation of the Foundation’s objectives.