Oak View Renewal Partnership

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17241 Oak Lane
Huntington Beach
United States

About Us

The Oak View Renewal Partnership (OVRP) is a 501(c)3 place-based community service corporation, engaged within a one-square mile, low-income community in the city of Huntington Beach, California. Our mission is to narrow the cultural, social, educational, health and economic gap between the Oak View Community and the remainder of Huntington Beach; and to serve as a model for community development.

As a catalyst to systemic change in a “one-square mile” community that suffers from social, economic, and health disparities, Oak View Renewal Partnership (“OVRP”) collaborates with a comprehensive set of community-based organizations, public institutions, private entities, and residents. Our efforts address the needs of the Oak View Community based on a grassroots, holistic approach. By directly involving and empowering residents in the processes to improve all components that comprise the community, OVRP positively affects change for the community, by the community.

Working in tandem, our initiatives affect each interconnected community need, cumulatively achieving community renewal, revitalization and reinvestment. OVRP couples its established partners, with the acquisition of new partners and resources, in order to generate relevant initiatives addressing the breadth of community needs.

These are all initiatives that revolve around the principles of empowerment and leadership of the residents. Activities such as the Oak View Soccer League, CommUnity Roots Garden Program, Certified Farmer's Market, Mobile Health Clinic, and Community Clean Up, address community needs and directly involve community members. OVRP initiatives will empower Oak View residents in a bottom-up approach, with the goal of community systemic change.

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