Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development

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About Us


Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development (CCCYD) is a Nonprofit Community based Organization which was registered on 03/09/2010 with the registrar of societies before migrating to the registrar of NGOs under the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health in 2014. However, the organization was created with the aim of  helping Youth, orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC) and women in the society through micro-entrepreneurship  program, OVC educational sponsorship, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programmes, vocational skills for self reliance and literacy skills.

The organization has been approved as public benefit organization under the income Tax Act, Custom and Excise duty Act of the Laws of Zambia. Currently the organization is providing educational support to over 700 orphans and vulnerable children at four (4) schools namely: Chamuta Community School, Kimasala Primary School, Muyoya Community School and Kimiteto Primary School. CCCYD is implementing an HIV and AIDS programe in Solwezi District, it's main activities include capacity building through educational support, vocational training for orphans and vulnerable children, shelter and care, protection which ensures that child's basic rights are met, health care to ensure that child's health needs are met, psychosocial support to promote the child's social, mental and wellbeing and economic strengthening. The organization hopes to mobilize community and empower them to take responsibility for the well being of OVC affected by HIV and AIDS. Thus the strategies used are strengthening existing resources, coping mechanisms and support capabilities within the family and community stakeholders and outside resources. As an organization we are aware there are vulnerable children living with ill parents, and other child headed families but have no one to support them.