Belmont Media Center

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9 Lexington Street
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About Us

BMC is a local non-profit community media center whose mission is to develop and promote access to electronic communications media. BMC is governed by an engaged board of directors and is operated by a dedicated staff and enthusiastic volunteers.

BMC is member of the Alliance for Community Media and Mass Access.

We provide training, technology and transmission over three local access TV channels (8, 9, 96 - on COMCAST & 28, 29, 30 on VERIZON) to the residents, institutions and the Town of Belmont.

In late 2009, we completed a three-year process of locating, designing and building a new state of the community media center to better serve the community, which includes: 2 studios, 3 edit suites, a conference & classroom, Gallery@BMC (an art exhibition space), and the "Green Room": a large open space with skylights that has quickly grown to be a popular crossroads for the community for receptions, meetings and a unique production venue.

In 2010, we began to offer more classes to match new technology available, develop new local public, educational and government access TV shows, expand our programming presence on the Web, and have started an upgrade to remote studios around town where staff & volunteers regularly cablecast government & school meetings and community events.

We also kicked off this, our new website, which now features expanded "on-demand" local programming, a live stream of Channels 8 & 28 and Channels 9 & 29, a web version of the Community Bulletin Board, and in the coming weeks, will feature online membership & class registration, and the ability to upload community announcements & messages, among other interactive features.

In 2012, look for even more classes, and opportunities for youth, more local programs produced by community volunteers and groups, and a marked improvement in the technical & broadcast quality in our remote TV coverage.

Belmont Media Center, "buildng community though media . . ."