New Paltz Cultural Collective at 60 Main

  • NY


60 Main St.
New Paltz
United States

About Us

We seek to unite our community as "The New Paltz Cultural Collective" by providing the youth and local community members of New Paltz, the Hudson Valley, and beyond with a communal space to enhance the cultural exchange and creative expression of our members and the public at large.

We are fostering community building through the collaboration of artists, activists, teachers, artisans, musicians, and all of us who wish to gather and share our creativity, skills and knowledge with one another. This is facilitated through a local artist-run gallery and an open space for musicians and poets. Through educational dialogues including organic sustainable farming, raising political awareness, expressing a do-it-yourself culture and as far as our imaginations may take us, we will empower one another in a non-oppressive, all-inclusive atmosphere.

"Be The Change You Want To See In Your Community"