Zeravshan Tourism Development Association

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H. Sharozi, 47

About Us

The Zeravshan Tourism Development Association (ZTDA) is a young, public, community based organization created in March 2008 with the aim of establishing community-based tourism in the Zerafshan Valley in north-west Tajikistan. ZTDA members are locals villagers providing tourist services: accommodation in traditional home stays, transportation and mountain guiding. By involving local inhabitants in tourism activities, ZTDA aims to contribute and improve the well-being of the local communities, mostly reliant on agriculture practices, through a sustainable form of tourism. Our mission is to develop community-based tourism in the region and hence provide villagers with better sources of incomes, and at the same time preserving and conserving the fragile environmental and cultural heritage of the Zeravshan Valley. Among its activities, ZTDA provides its members with free professional training courses, focusing on various issues such as how to run a home stay, environmental care, marketing and business management.