The art of the essential- ARS ESENCIA


Jaklic II/ 27

Bosnia and Herzegovina

About Us

Help the youth to overcome the post-war traumas. Association of the citizens "The art of the essential- ARS ESENCIA" (in Bosnian language- Udruzenje gradjana "Umjetnost sustine- ARS ESENCIA") was registered within the Ministry of justice of Middle Bosnia Canton on April 22,2002. We are dedicated to do the work with youth in area of Bugojno, Donji Vakuf and Gornji Vakuf/Uskopje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is an idea for the Projects of the re-establishing the hope for Bosnian youth in Middle Bosnia town- Bugojno and surrounding municipalities (Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje and Donji Vakuf). We are seeking for help (donation, funding) to avoid facing the real danger here in Bosnia and Herzegovina- lack of social activities+ lack of multicultural connections + lack of cultural wakening. The gathering of youth from the above mentioned areas with the goal of wakening of creativity within the following areas (within the existence of multicultural way of creation and work): a) literature b) art (painting, graphic) c) photo- art d) work on making of souvenirs that reflects the area and time within they are living. Selling those souvenirs on the market. e) organisation of courses (computer, language, etc.) f) organising of promotion of the books and exhibitions g) publishing of books of perspective young writers and poets h) organising of excursion within whole Bosnia and Herzegovina with the goal of learning about cultural- historical inheritage of the country. i) internet club j) concerts and theatre/stage plays k) gathering and cooperation with the clubs of similar activates around Bosnia and Herzegovina l) ..and all other individual efforts of youth targeting towards new creations within the cultural habitués.