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About Us

At the Russell Byers Charter School (RBCS), we are relentlessly committed to preparing our 485 4K through 6th grade students and now 500 alumni for lifelong success. Located in the heart of Center City, RBCS provides our students a safe, stimulating environment with a rigorous education based on the innovative hands-on academic program, Expeditionary Learning. In the past thirteen years, RBCS has created a school that parents value, demonstrated by the enrollment lottery for the 2013-14 academic year, in which we received 1,639 applications for 50 student openings, with only 18 after sibling preference.

The Byerschool Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization created in 2001 to support the mission of the Russell Byers Charter School (RBCS). The Foundation serves as the fundraising, public relations and government relations arm of the school. Critically important, the Foundation raises and allocates funds for the annual operations, pilot programs, and long-term sustainability of RBCS. In addition to general support, the Byerschool Foundation focuses on enriching the RBCS community by developing, piloting and supporting innovative and effective programs and partnership, such as Ours for Life.