Great Beginnings Montessori School

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About Us

The mission of Great Beginnings is: “To be an exemplary and philanthropic Montessori community that educates children, encourages critical thinking, instills a joy for lifelong learning, and nurtures responsible and respectful citizens.” 

Additionally, Great Beginnings provides an excellent environmental education program to promote an understanding of the inter-connectedness of the natural world, including the care for something other than ourselves, and the mindfulness of a larger world.

Great Beginnings’ Montessori curriculum includes a science-based, hands-on learning opportunity for children. Children at Great Beginnings spend significant time in outdoor settings, where they can play, learn, explore and experience the natural world around them. Great Beginnings provides opportunities for children to develop their physical and mental health, deep connections with nature, and strong ties to their surrounding community in a safe, nurturing and positive environment.