AnewAmerica Community Corporation

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1918 University Avenue
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About Us

AnewAmerica Community Corporation is a nonprofit asset-building, community development organization seeking economic justice and prosperity for new Americans - immigrants, refugees, and newcomers - in the Bay Area. AnewAmerica offers a holistic three-year program, the Virtual Business Incubator, that assists new Americans to establish or expand microbusinesses, build personal assets for the sustainability of their families, and develop the community assets necessary to support the political, social, and cultural empowerment of their communities.

Our model offers customized support in business planning, business training, business credentials, business coaching, technology training, savings incentives, community networks, and access to markets and capital, all within a framework of social responsibility. AnewAmerica's mission to contribute to the empowerment of new Americans is also how we are helping in the transformation of America into a more just and compassionate nation.