The Women's Therapy Center

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1315 Walnut Street
Suite 1517
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About Us

The Women’s Therapy Center was founded in 1972 by a visionary group of feminist therapists who challenged the gender biases in psychotherapy. Then and now, our purpose is to assist women in becoming healthy, responsible, and empowered individuals, able to make wise choices and to create options that will lead them to live productive and satisfying lives.

The mental health care system excludes many women who need services. The Women’s Therapy Center serves those women in the greater Philadelphia area by offering psychotherapy and counseling, as well as education, outreach, and referrals.

We welcome women from all ethnic and racial backgrounds, and all sexual preferences. We strive to be sensitive to and respectful of the diverse viewpoints, needs and interests of our clients. The Women’s Therapy Center remains committed to social justice and equality.