Butler Conservation Fund

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Great Neck
United States

About Us

The Butler Conservation Fund [BCF], a private foundation based in Great Neck, New York with approximately $200 million in assets as of 2013, which are anticipated to increase in coming years. As a funder, BCF works intensively with grantees to craft programs and projects with significant impacts on wilderness conservation, strengthened environmental protections and habitat restoration. BCF has established long-term commitments with leading organizations and focuses funding on multi-year projects that accomplish measurable, impactful and long-lasting outcomes.

BCF funds projects in three areas: land conservation, public advocacy and outdoor education. The Fund subscribes to the principle that an integrated approach to conservation, including land protection through purchase or conservation easement, public advocacy supporting conservation policies and programs at the local, state and federal levels, including a vigorous litigation agenda, and outdoor educational opportunities to inform, inspire and invigorate the next generation, will produce lasting results that exceed the potential of each of these initiatives in isolation.