Muntu Dance Theatre


United States

About Us

Muntu Dance Theatre was founded in 1972 and was incorporated as a 501 (c) tax-exempt corporation in 1977. Founded amidst the need for an aesthetic that represented the African cultural legacy of African Americans, the purpose of the Company was to foster the cultural and historical enlightenment of the community through performances and teaching of traditional and contemporary African dance and music styles. Under the artistic leadership of Alyo Tolbert, the Company was committed to researching the cultural and historical significance of the dances in its repertoire and the societies from which they originated. Over its 37-year history, Muntu has matured and gained local,national and international recognition for the quality and consistency of its artistic works.

Muntu's mission is to perpetuate awareness and understanding of, as well as an appreciation for the invigorating spirit of African cultures through dance, music and folklore. Muntu carries out this mission through professional performances both at home and abroad, comprehensive community arts education programs, classes for the public and professional training for emerging new young artists.