Our Brother Legion

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About Us

Our Brother Legion welcomes clergy, laity, consumers, providers, believers, and non-believers to join in discussion and organization to educate congregations, eliminate stigma toward people living with mental illness, and make congregations more inclusive. We  emphasize the need for consumer clergy to be out and accepted by their flocks and their denominational hierarchies as fit and rightful spiritual leaders.

What are we doing that's unique? Non-believers are genuinely invited to this gathering.Consumers' are front and central in planning and speaking. And we're focusing on clergy being out with their mental illness as a source of power and an agent of change.

Materials to educate faith communities and clergy are found on the website including Children's Sermons, ways to care, and Therapeutic Scripture. Additional resources such as PaperDolls, an immersive experience with mental illness/trauma/ addiction, provides a challenging proxy to facilitate discussion. PaperDolls introduces a faith community to the challenges, hardships, and victories of the greater mental health experience as a way to ready interested parties before entering into person to person ministry. 

Please go to www.ourbrotherlegion.org for more details. 

Contact Beth at ourbrotherlegion@gmail.com with questions.