iEARN Uzbekistan Center


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About Us

iEARN Uzbekistan Center is a non for profit organization based in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, which was created in December 2003 with goals to promote online based projects in education. iEARN Uzbekistan Center (International Education and Resource Network in Uzbekistan) is made up of over 100 schools in all regions of Uzbekistan. The mission of iEARN Uzbekistan Center is to empower teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies. Approximately 1000 students in Uzbekistan each day are engaged in collaborative project work with peers around the world.

Since 2003, iEARN Uzbekistan Center has pioneered on-line school linkages in Uzbekistan to enable students to engage in meaningful educational projects with peers in their countries and around the world.

iEARN Uzbekistan is: • an inclusive and culturally diverse community • a safe and structured environment in which young people can communicate • an opportunity to apply knowledge in service-learning projects • a community of educators and learners making a difference as part of the educational process. There are over 120 projects in iEARN all designed and facilitated by teachers and students to fit their curriculum and classroom needs and schedules.

iEARN Uzbekistan Center is a non profit organization registered in the Bukhara branch of the Ministry of Justice. Most of the organizational funding comes from private, governmental and international grants.