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The Burma Children Medical Fund was founded in response to the increasing number of patients presenting at Mae Tao Clinic who required surgery that the clinic could not provide. Often, the only chance these patients have to undergo surgery is to be referred to a hospital in Chiang Mai. Before BCMF was set up, patients who required surgery only had their symptoms treated at Mae Tao Clinic and lived severely incapacitated lives or died prematurely as a result. The aim of BCMF is to give these patients a chance to a healthy life by funding their medical treatment and providing social support. While the treatment of children is BCMF's priority, we cannot ignore the need for treatment we see in adult patients presenting at the clinic. We also believe that if young adults who have treatable conditions aren't given a chance, there will be no one to look after their children. As such, we have also established a fund for adults (Burma Adult Medical Fund - BAMF) to treat special adult cases that will respond well to surgery or treatment.

Since 2006, BCMF has helped over 400 patients and each year we find our caseload increasing. We continue to see many patients from all over Burma and we aim to continue treating as many as possible. It is worth noting that many Thai hospitals and large international organisations have referred patients to BCMF for case management; some cases needing full funding not available from other donors. BCMF has worked hard at building a unique relationship with the relevant Thai authorities and stands alone in its ability to facilitate the movement of patients between Mae Sot and Chiang Mai for treatment.

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