Piëch Asia Enterprises

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About Us

PAE (Piëch Asia Enterprises) is a Beijing-based group of creative businesses. We launch one to two new businesses each year, on average. Join a team of experienced entrepreneurs working in a business incubation environment that values intelligence, creativity and energy. We are practical dreamers who know how to make things happen in one of the most dynamic cities on the planet.Currently PAE holds companies in media and recruiting.

Unlike traditional business incubators, these companies are developed from in-house innovative projects. They are our ideas, and our businesses. Project teams share an office space, facilities, admin, support and (to an extent) management.

The main reason for PAE to exist is to do good. This is the ultimate goal. All the profits from PAE’s cash-flow go into PAE Philanthropy department.

Make Money • Do Good.

Find out more at www.piech.asia.