Fundación Capital

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About Us

Fundación Capital is a regional non-profit organization dedicated to reducing poverty through the management, design, and implementation of innovative projects that create the conditions necessary for individuals and families with few resources to construct, improve, and accumulate all kinds of assets:

human assets, through access to health and education services;

physical assets, with instruments that facilitate access to housing, land, production tools, and more;

social assets, by empowering social capital;

financial assets, by providing access to the formal financial system.

Experience shows that access to formal financial services – such as savings accounts, insurances, transfers, and low-cost payment methods - facilitate and empower the construction of human, physical, and social assets; to that end, Fundación Capital places special emphasis on financial inclusion as the motor of development.

Fundación Capital:

  1. Advises and accompanies regional governments in improving public policies and/or private initiatives that facilitate the generation, growth, and improvement of assets for low-income families
  2. Guides the design of instruments that provide poor households with secure places to deposit their savings; Fundación Capital promotes financial education and savings incentives (monetary and psychological), designs savings products adjusted to the needs of low-income households, and promotes regulations that favor large-scale financial inclusion.
  3. Designs policies and instruments that respond to the demands and needs of low-income families, seeking in particular solutions apart from microcredit
  4. Places emphasis on projects that generate lasting impacts and can be replicated on a massive scale
  5. Studies and disseminates new ideas and practices

Fundación Capital began was founded in 2009 and works throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.