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About Us

Dialogue-of-Civilization works with other organizations in the areas of aqua-culture, agriculture and animal husbandry for technology transfer methods of artisan, community and national scale food security development. By offering a totally sustainable ecology to meet their market basket of commodities on an artisan scale, when unified at the development stage provides a cohesive social approach for community development. Providing the know how to develop all of the necessary elements in a market basket of commodities required to live utilizing self help techniques in sustainable development of communities Ancient and modern technologies applied Dialogue-of-Civilizations partners with THE CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF EARTH ART & ARCHITECTURE, (Cal-Earth) An educational program of the non-profit Geltaftan Foundation, dedi
cated to research and educating the public on environmentally oriented art and architecture. Its scope spans design and development of housing for the world's homeless to technical innovations acclaimed by NASA for lunar base construction. Founded and directed by the internationally renowned architect and author, Nader Khalili in 1986, it s philosophy is based on the equilibrium of the natural elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, and their Unity at the service of the arts and humanity. Children are our greatest hopes for the future and make our best students.