Graduate Center Library, CUNY

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365 5th Avenue
New York

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About Us

The Graduate Center Library is the hub of CUNY’s scholarly production. The library’s print collection primarily supports the Graduate Center curriculum, while the library’s digital resources, active reference and instruction services, and robust resource sharing support faculty and graduate research.

The New York Public Library (NYPL) serves as the Graduate Center’s research collection and augments the Graduate Center’s research services. NYPL collections are shaped by Graduate Center faculty interests. NYPL research libraries extend book loans, reference service, and study space to Graduate Center students and faculty.

The Graduate Center Library’s primary constituents are CUNY doctoral and master’s students, Graduate Center core-appointed faculty, CUNY doctoral faculty, and non-doctoral CUNY faculty who teach at the Graduate Center.

The Graduate Center Library features study space sequestered from Midtown crowds and the event-intensive bustle of the Graduate Center. The Library also supports scholars’ efforts to connect to wider publics. Graduate Center librarians impart skills and strategies to increase scholarly collaboration and public engagement. The library sponsors the Graduate Center’sAcademic Works institutional repository and assists Graduate Center scholars in open access publishing and self-archiving.