Levy Economics Institute M.S. in Economic Theory and Policy

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Levy Economics Institute, Bard College
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About Us

Looking for an alternative approach to economics that can explain the financial crisis of 2008? Surprised by the continuing deterioration in the distribution of income in the recovery? The Levy Economics Institute Master of Science in Economic Theory and Policy provides instruction grounded in the innovative approaches to financial instability developed by Levy Institute Distinguished Scholar Hyman Minsky and the stock-flow modeling method created by Distinguished Scholar Wynne Godley, as well as more than 30 years’ experience in the measurement and understanding of income and wealth inequality—all of which are at the core of the research work and course program offered at the Levy Economics Institute. 

We are part of a long history of curricular innovation at Bard College, an institution known for breaking barriers. Students in a small class setting have the opportunity to engage in a close research practicum with Levy Institute researchers and be exposed to the Institute's extensive network.