YogaKids Bridge of Diamonds Foundation

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About Us

The YogaKids Bridge of Diamonds is a 501 c3 whose mission is Empowered Learning for Health and Abundance.

Every child is like a diamond; beautiful, bright, multi faceted, priceless. Like a diamond each child is the most precious of gifts. They each have a diamond heart and a diamond mind, clear and sparkling with their unique magnificence.

Unfortunately many children don’t have this appreciation of themselves. This is not the image they see when they look in the mirror. All to many children don’t know what it is to feel good in their own body let alone feel good about themselves. They have a hard time learning, feel dis-empowered, disadvantaged and less worthy than others. Imagine the results of growing up with those beliefs.

When children understand their own precious qualities they are able to perceive the same qualities in others. Here in lies the magic of “The Bridge”.

The YogaKids Bridge of Diamonds Foundation believes that every child deserves the opportunity to recognize their own strengths and power.

Hundreds of Thousands of children have already benefited from the work that YogaKids has done over the past 17 years. We want to bring these advantages to children in need. For this we need your help.

Our Vision: Promote peace, understanding and education, around the world using yoga as a springboard.

Goal: To encourage love of learning, appreciation and respect for self, others and the environment, to support a healthy lifestyle at home, school and in the community.


  • Provide children and families in disaster areas with yoga based stress relief
  • Bring yoga to youth in detention, rehabilitation and family shelters
  • Establish summer camp and after school programs utilizing the YogaKids approach to teach the values of community, connection, respect and compassion;
  • Organize community events to raise awareness of the benefits of yoga for children
  • Raise funds to complement and support programs and services