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About Us

Entourage for Education is a Foundation that's mission is to raise money for school supplies for children who are lacking the basic tools for learning. This year's mission is a school in Jamaica, Mount Airy Basic School (MABS). MABS is located just miles from the resort region of Negril. A simple 10 minute drive, brings you to the foothills of the Jamaican mountains where the school lays. It's a tin shack building that is without electricity, plumbing, enough chairs for the students, enough teaching tools for the teachers and many other basic necessities. Entourage for Education is currently fund raising to buy enough school supplies for these students so that they are better prepared for their futures. These are the items we are looking for in the form of Donations: Cash (used for shipping and purchasing supplies), pens, pencils, paper, crayons, chairs, clocks, calendars, scissors, calculators and other basic school supplies and teaching tools. We also are looking for Gift Certificates for Raffles at our upcoming events. 100% Of all Donations Go to the Children. We have no paid employees We are a 100% Non-Profit in Condition Standing with the Internal Revenue Service filing as a 503-c. Please consider donating to Entourage For Education as we move forward for a more educated youth.