Free Again International

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About Us


Free Again International (FAI) is a non-profit making independent organization for children, youth and women in Uganda. We strive to create impact for children and youth by delivering our programs through partnerships, by being innovative, by acting as the voice for and of children, youth and women and by achieving results at scale. In Uganda we implement programs in various program areas of Education, Poverty Eradication and Women empowerment in development and emergency contexts.


Uganda has the youngest youth population with 78% of the total population being below the age of 30 years. At the same time, Uganda has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Sub Saharan Africa (83%). About 60% of Free Again International (FAI)’s programs target Children and youths with the aim of improving their literacy levels, the livelihoods of their households and their health status, especially in relation to education and livelihood social development.



North Eastern Uganda: Moroto, and Nakapiripirit

Northern Uganda: Lira, Gulu, Otuke, Nwoya, Amolatar

Western Uganda: Kabarole and Ntoroko

Central Uganda: Kampla, Naalya, Kiira, Wakiso, Mubende, Mpigi, Masaka, Rakai,



Free Again International (FAI) exists to foster Child Education, Women Empowerment, and Poverty Eradication amongst the youth and to provide a worldwide identity, voice and platform for steady transition from childhood to youthful age. Seeking empowerment for children, as they become youths, helping women define their status in Uganda and extend a hand of hope by raising tomorrow’s future through such that have been given chance to be natured both physically and spiritually.


Seeking Children, youth and Women transformation in Uganda, the Free Again International (FAI) serves as the dynamic center for equipping and resourcing, the children and youth in Uganda with a trusted voice, and the connecting hub for greater strategic impact. Through education, Poverty eradication and empowerment at all levels of social and economic Life.

WHAT WE DO REPRESENT CHILDREN, YOUTH AND WOMEN WITH A GLOBAL VOICE The (FAI) is uniquely positioned as a representative voice; advancing social and economic values, addressing concerns of children, youth and women through providing education and its benefits. (FAI)’s voice includes its engagement at all social development levels and behind-the-scenes Engagement in educating children who are less privileged, nature them to become better youth and letter create job opportunities such that they don’t end up looking for jobs after school. We Also engage in women empowerment through giving them skills in casual and formal works, giving them computer training at all levels and connecting them to the outside world so they can sell their products and earn a better living through their hands.