Los Angeles Principal Residency Network

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About Us

The overarchingpurposeof the Los Angeles Principal Residency Network (LAPRN) is to nurture a new generation of educational leaders prepared for the complexities of founding and leading intentional small schools where equity is valued as the foundation that envisions academic success for all students.

The Los Angeles Principal Residency Network is an apprenticeship model of principal preparation and certification. It is based on the belief that the best method of preparing new, innovative school leaders is to train them in schools that are engaged in real reform work. Aspiring principals are placed in small schools or larger schools with small learning communities, where they are mentored by a Distinguished Principal for a period of 15-18 months and engage in the work of the school.

Social justiceis equity in opportunity and privilege for all people. This can only be achieved through a process of validating individual experiences, and acknowledging that current systems were borne out of and perpetuate injustice. Social justice is sustained through a societal commitment to transforming social, political, economic and cultural systems into systems that provide equity in opportunity and privilege. These systems ensure that power and decision making are shared, and all people have autonomy to act responsibly in their own, their family’s and their community’s best interests