Women's Crisis & Family Outreach Center

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P.O. Box 367
Castle Rock
United States

About Us

The Women's Crisis & Family Outreach Center (WCFOC) is concerned about families affected by violence. Since its inception, this agency has provided programs and services to any domestic violence victim requesting those services and to the region at-large. Programs at the Women’s Crisis & Family Outreach Center (WCFOC) include our 24-hour Crisis Line; 12-bed Emergency Shelter; residential and non-residential therapy and legal advocacy for women, men and children; and, community outreach including specialized trainings for law enforcement and other victim services providers, skills-building and parenting classes, a school-based violence prevention initiative, educational presentations, and volunteer opportunities. In addition, the WCFOC offers clients access and referrals to resources including our food bank, donations of clothing and household goods, mental health/medical/dental support, and pro-bono legal assistance. These programs are provided on a non-discriminatory basis regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We serve persons from all ethnic, cultural and economic groups, of all ages and lifestyles.

The WCFOC opposes the use of violence as a means of control over others and supports equality in relationships. We strive to assist victims in assuming power over their lives and choosing options which afford them and their families a life free from violence. We recognize that violence affects the entire family, with each member requiring support and education in order to stop the cycle of violence. It is our ultimate vision to assist in ending violence in the lives of all people.

Today, the WCFOC has a staff of almost 30 and a volunteer base exceeding 100 individuals to carry out our mission. On an annual basis, we provide positive prevention and intervention, safety and hope, education and awareness to almost 15,000 people each year.