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About Us

Usui Szellemi Iskola ('USui Spiritual School') is an organization founded in Hungary in 2008, practicing a healing method, Jinjutsu. In our organization, we follow the teachings of the Japanese Mikao Usui and maintain the original Tradition that he has left to us.

Usui's method is based on healing with universal energy. Our school has had success in healing diseases that the Western science deems incurable. In several cases people suffering from cancer have been healed, as well as disabled people getting better, their muscles slowly starting to recover after years of paralysis. We also treat other diseases like sclerosis multiplex, diabetes, spine problems, digestion issues.

Our practice consists of meditation, a great amount of healing practice and developing ourselves as well. Becoming a healer is also following a spiritual path. A good healer is in a meditative state during the treatment, his ego does not stand in the way of the energy.

Because of our spiritual practice, we are operating as a church in Hungary. Due to recent legislative changes, 14 churches (Christian and Jewish denominations) have been chosen by the Hungarian government to remain a church for sure. Other churches can apply for this status, however, there is a good chance that only those will remain who have either a local history of 20 years or an international history of 100 years, and who can collect the signatures of a thousand local supporters. Since we are not on that list of 14, our future is still undecided. Unfortunately the government is not very friendly towards Buddhist churches since according to our PM, they only watch their navels and wait for enlightenment. Among the 14, no Buddhist churches are listed, nor Muslims.

According to the Hungarian laws, we could collect donations from the Hungarian people from their personal income tax in 2011. These donations are currently with the state and we are not sure whether we will receive them if we lose the status of a church. Since we have a few full-time healers, currently we treat our patients for donations, however, our intention is that we will make the treatments free of charge in cities where the donations reach an amount which can support the basic needs of a healer. This has become uncertain due to the recent legislative changes.

Unfortunately the economy is getting weaker and weaker in Hungary, while recently the political climate is also tense. We can feel that many of our patients are desperate and more difficult to heal. At the same time, related to the economic decline and the lack of a long awaited healthcare reform, our medical system is at the verge of breakdown. Hospitals lack sufficient medicine, equipment and personnel. Doctors and nurses have one of the lowest wages in Hungary while they have to work in an environment where often they are overburdened by too many patients and multiple shifts.

In such an environment, we are aiming to help the people get healthy again. Usually our patients also get a new view over their lives as a result of the treatments, they get happier, solve their problems that have caused the disease and thus the disease will not reoccur.

Please donate to us if you think that such a service is necessary in our world to get better, and especially in a country like Hungary where health and peace would be greatly needed.

Our account number is:

IBAN: HU93 1091 8001 0000 0059 5189 0001

Name: Fodor Gyorgy (we have to use our founding Master's bank account because the organization might cease to exist as a church)


Bank: Unicredit Bank Zrt.

We are also collecting donations with the following specific purposes:

1) The translation of four Reiki books from Japanese to Hungarian, to get closer to the original tradition.

2) The creation of a retreat for our healers and teachers who work a lot for the community.

3) To support the healers' and teachers' journeys to Japan where they could learn more about the original tradition from the Gakkai, Usui's organization.

Usui Szellemi Iskola ('USui Spiritual School') is an organization founded in Hungary in 2008, practicing a healing method, Jinjutsu. In our organization, we follow the teachings of the Japanese Mikao Usui and maintain the original Tradition…

Issue Areas Include

  • Disability
  • Health & Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction


  • Budapest, BU, Hungary

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