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1434 East McMillan Street
United States

About Us

WAIF is an aggressive, alternative educational community access radio station; seeking programs by and for under-represented and unrepresented segments of the population, minorities and others with little access to the media. This programming will address itself to the realization of the goals expressed within the following WAIF WANTS: ... programs striving to explore the creative possibilities of radio; featuring entertainers, artists, and other personalities; and offering a variety of formats for artistic expression. ...programs dealing with the causes and elimination of racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice and oppression: and programs offering alternative philosophical and political perspectives. ... to offer the training and facilities to encourage participation and involvement which serves to de-mystify the media and bring technology within the reach of non-professionals. ...programs dealing with the alternative approaches to institutions in order to improve the quality of life. ...programming dealing with the concerns of working people, ...programming dealing. with national and international issues.