Adrenal Insufficiency United

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About Us

Adrenal Insufficiency United (AIU) is working to improve the lives and empower those affected by adrenal insufficiency through advocacy, awareness, collaboration, education, research and support. We serve affected adults and parents of adrenal insufficient children as well as caregivers, friends and family members.

Adrenal insufficiency occurs when the body is unable to produce enough cortisol and often aldosterone. These two hormones help to maintain and regulate basic functions in the body such as blood pressure, the immune system, blood glucose, salt balance, electrolytes, heart muscle tone, and contribute to bone health. Cortisol also helps the body respond to stress. Adrenal Insufficiency affects children and adults of all races and ethnicity. There are different types and severities of adrenal insufficiency caused by a variety of conditions. Each individual is affected differently and therefore must be treated differently. Adrenal Insufficiency is not one size fits all.