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About Us

Mission Statement

The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering was established with the following purposes:

To establish a clear and comprehensive identity for the field of medical and biological engineering

To promote public awareness of medical and biological engineering

To establish liaisons with government agencies and other professional groups

To improve intersociety relations and cooperation within the field of medical and biological engineering

To serve and promote the national interest in science, engineering, and education

To recognize individual and group achievements and contributions to the field of medical and biological engineering

AIMBE's principal activities include participation in the formulation of public policy; the dissemination of information, both to the public and scientific community, through publications and forums; and education.

AIMBE is comprised of four sections:

The College of Fellows - 1,000 individuals who are the outstanding bioengineers in academia, industry and government. These leaders in the field have distinguished themselves through their contributions in research, industrial practice and/or education. Most Fellows come from the United States, but there are international Fellows. The Chair of the College leads the committee that plans the overall program at AIMBE's Annual Event, held each winter in Washington.

The Academic Council - Universities with educational programs in bioengineering at the graduate or undergraduate level. Currently there are approximately 85 member institutions. Representatives to the Council generally are chairs of their departments. Many also are members of the College of Fellows. The Council considers issues ranging from curricular standards and accreditation to employment of graduates and funding for graduate study. The Academic Council meets at the Annual Event and at another scientific meeting during the year.

The Council of Societies - AIMBE's mechanism coordinating interaction among 18 scientific organizations in medical and biological engineering. The purposes of the Council are to provide a collaborative forum for the establishment of society member positions on issues affecting the field of medical and biological engineering, to foster intersociety dialogue and cooperation that provides a cohesive public representation for medical and biological engineering, and to provide a way to coordinate activities of member societies with the activities of academia, government, the health care sector, industry and the public and private biomedical communities. The Council of Societies meets at AIMBE's Annual Event.

The Industry Council - A forum for dialog between industry, academia and government in order to identify and act on common interests that will advance the field of medical and biological engineering and contribute to public health and welfare. Industrial organizations may be members of the Industry Council if they have substantial and continuing professional interest in the field of medical and biological engineering. The Industry Council meets at the Annual Event.