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About Us

Educate Tomorrow, Corp. is an international not for profit certified 501 (c) 3. All over the world, poverty denies children, as well as adults, the promises of a better tomorrow. Forgotten by society and social welfare programs, children born into poverty are trapped in a cruel and often violent cycle that frequently continues for generations. Lacking the inspiration, confidence, knowledge, and means to change, entire families are lost to the cycle of hopelessness.

Educate Tomorrow believes that the best way to end the cycle of poverty is through education. Our mission is to make education an attainable goal for the most disadvantaged in our world, so that all may be afforded the possibilities that can be achieved through learning. We strive to reach out to these individuals and provide them inspiration, guidance, and support and lead them on the path of life-long learning.

Based in Miami, Florida, Educate Tomorrow implements a holistic program composed of one-on-one mentoring, educational, and independent living activities, and in-school support for foster youth between the ages of 14 and 23.

The cornerstone of Educate Tomorrow's program is mentoring.Volunteer mentors help youth enroll in college and training programs, find housing and jobs, as well as apply for educational and social assistance that may be available to them.

Educate Tomorrow also provides educational and life skills camps for the youth in the program. During the camps a variety of activities are planned including resume and college essay writing, career panels, dinner with community volunteers, nutrition, cooking, budgeting, and more.

The third component of ET's program is in-school support. ET developed a training program for school personnel on the unique needs of and the resources available to foster youth. ET trained over 300 counselors in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools; the training is now an integral part of the new counselor orientation. In addition, ET worked with school counselors in high schools with high concentrations of foster youth to facilitate in-school support groups.

Internationally, the founders of Educate Tomorrow established one of the first local language primary schools in the remote and impoverished village of Kabey Fo, Niger, West Africa. The founders also developed an Adult Literacy Program in the same village. Established under the same principals as the Miami-based efforts, these educational programs are designed to provide inspiration, guidance, and support and lead the children and adults on the path of life-long learning. Some of the first students will graduate from primary school this year. To facilitate their continued success, Educate Tomorrow is establishing a dormitory about 2km from the nearest secondary school, which will provide room and board, as well as tutoring to the students from Kabey Fo.