The William & Lanaea C. Featherstone Foundation

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2031 Kennicott Road
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About Us

Mission: The William & Lanaea C. Featherstone Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering, inspiring and impacting the Latino community. The Foundation strives to strengthen cultural understandings of diverse populations through educational training programs.

History: The Foundation is led by Open Society Institue Baltimore Community Fellow Lanaea C. Featherstone.

In 2008, an enterprising husband and wife team launched The William & Lanaea C. Featherstone to address the needs of Latinos in our community and provide programs for disadvantaged youth. The Foundation administers educational training programs such as digital and computer literacy, English as a Second Language, fiancial literacy, etc.

The Foundation's goal is to train participants to increase their skill level and enhance their quality of life--yielding better jobs, economic empowerment, successful communities and happier families. The Featherstone Foundation continues to play an integral role in serving the community. The Foundation is on the forefront--working to ensure that Latinos.


THe Featherstone Foundation has been featured in local and international news outlets:

--The U.S. Department of State showcased the impact of our work for "Hispanic Heritage Month."

--The Winchester Service Award recognized us for our "unique opportunity to make life better for individuals and families in their communities."

--We have been featured in the Voice of Russia, Latin Opinion Baltimore Newspaper, Prensa Libre and others....