New Jersey Association of Community Providers

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About Us

NJACP is a dynamic community of diverse providers dedicated to advancing quality services to enrich lives and build futures to support thousands of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our agencies are proud of the work we do and the many lives that we enrich. Our advocacy and strength as a member organization has the voice to create change through partnership, collaboration and leadership, while driving best practices as our industry implements change.

NJACP is committed to the values of community inclusion and self direction within a strong sustainable environment of community based quality services and supports. We continue to shape policy and practice in these challenging times in a wide variety of forums and partnerships through our well established relationships with the Legislature the Governor’s Office and the Departments of Human Services and Department of Children and Families along with community stakeholders, as the implementation of Olmstead evolves and financial systems evolve such as fee for service and waiver services that will set new directions for our industry.