Hospitality Committee for United Nations Delegations, Inc.

  • NY

About Us

The Hospitality Committee is the only independent non-profit volunteer organization positioned within the United Nations headquarters.

The HCUND mission is to serve as a catalyst, increasing international understanding and to assist the diplomatic community in relating to New York while fostering its interaction and friendship with Americans.

In addition, HCUND promotes the understanding of the spouses and families of the United Nations diplomatic corps about American customs, ideals, and government through visits to museums and places of historical, cultural, and scientific significance, as well as business institutions.

HCUND works to enlarge the horizons of the United Nations community by offering programs that help the delegates become acquainted with, and possibly participate in, New York civic community organizations. With the merger of the Volunteer Development Council and the Hospitality Committee for United Nations Delegations, Inc. the committee has also encouraged volunteerism by diplomatic visitors , several of whom are already making imporant contributions to New York and International organizations.

Office cvolunteers provide information about New York and refer technical questions to the organizations best equipped to address them. In addition, business seminars for women are offered monthly.

The HCUND English Language School offers beginning, intermediate and advance level instruction. The classes are small and individual attention is stressed. The curriculum includes reading, writing, professional English, and practical conversation. The school programs are open to everyone associated with the United Nations. Scholarships are available each year for those families in need of assistance.