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About Us

Welcome to Outreach Asia!

Founded in 2000 by Mike & Gina Peck, Outreach Asia has strived to improve the impoverished lives of children and families living in the developing countries of Southeast Asia. While this may seem a daunting task, by concentrating resources on the building solid infrastructure such as safe water supplies, upgrading educational resources, and addressing the medical needs and social pariah of Leprosy, Outreach Asia has positively affected the lives of hundreds of people in the local communities they serve.

Outreach Asia prides itself as a streamlined, efficient US 501(c)(03) Non-Profit charity organization, which provides approx. 93% of all donations to directly benefit those in need. Through a dedicated network of 100% volunteers, we minimize our administrative costs to just the bare necessities needed to provide these much needed services to the under-privileged of Southeast Asia. This fiscal frugality allows Outreach Asia to stretch the generous dollars provided by grants and personal contributions and to use those funds where they are needed most…the poor and disadvantaged living in some of the world’s most underdeveloped countries. Right now your generous donations are benefiting communities in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.