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"Designing a Local University with an International Touch"

The education of children and young people is part of a broad ranged local debate articulated by different organisations such as schools, parents, the public and society.

Dryfoos (1994) mentions that:

… schools are failing because they cannot meet the complex needs of today’s students. Teachers cannot teach hungry children or cope with young people who are too distraught to learn. Anyone working in an inner-city school, in a marginal rural area, or even on the fringes of suburbia will tell you how impossible her or his job has become. The cumulative effects of poverty have created social environments that challenge educators, community leaders, and practitioners of health, mental health, and social services to invent new kinds of institutional responses. (Dryfoos, 1994, p. xvii, in Cummings and Todd, 2007, p. 190 and Dyson and Raffo, 2007, p. 298)

Looking at the needs of the 21st Century, it is critical that the educational system anticipates the knowledge and skills required by students in order to create world class academic and workforce standards. Students of Muhammadyiah Malang University have to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need to compete successfully in the ever more technical 21st Century global economy.

University of Muhammadyiah Malang is a global, non-political, independent institution run by students and employments of the University. Internationalization at the UMM is designed within four phases; firstly creating an international awareness; secondly, developing an international exposure; thirdly, obtaining an international recognition; and finally, achieving a world class university. The ultimate objective of internationalization at UMM is becoming a world class university that can be reached by meeting the requirements to be a world university such as world reputation, research performance, prominent graduates, and international participation.

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