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We know health starts—long before illness—in our homes, communities, schools and jobs. Societally, we devote most attention to medications and healthcare delivery, but a major opportunity for improving wellness starts long before medical care. Stanford Health 4 All's goal is to train prevention experts to address health in our families, neighborhoods, schools, communities and workplace; and to inspire and engage new clinicians and researchers in the field.

Stanford Prevention and Research Center's Stanford Health 4 All Fellows Program addresses critical community health needs and provides actionable skills amidst a sobering reality: 16.1% of young persons are out of work; 2 million with college degrees; and 1 in 5 have an interest in public health, yet few have necessary skills to tackle the reality. To prepare the next generation of prevention experts, we offer a dual-edged, 9-month, fee-based, professional certificate program.

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