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About Us

We are GovTogether, a legislative direct democracy initiative that aims to build a comprehensive system that will in large part leverage the Internet to allow citizens to crowd-source legislation (local, state and federal) through the current representative system. The counterpart to this system will be representatives who run for office on the pledge to, once elected, vote in direct accordance with the majority vote of their constituents on each and every piece of legislation.

We feel that by empowering the citizenry and thereby incentivizing involvement in government, the effect would be to decentralize power in the United States and shift it away from corporations and special-interest groups toward broader segments of society. We feel that with power more evenly distributed, American society would benefit overall.

Our fundamental goal is to enhance U.S. democracy. We believe the best way to accomplish this is by "hacking" the current representative system to inject direct democracy into American governance. If done properly, opening up legislation to the crowd will result in legislation that is more intelligent and more representative of the wants and needs of the people, thus bringing us closer to the ideals this country was founded on - that we are all equal and thus should all have an equal say in creating the laws we are subject to.