The Society for Classical Reform Judaism

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About Us

The SCRJ was founded in 2008, by a group of rabbis and lay leaders from congregations throughout the United States, as a national voice of advocacy for the broad, universalistic ideals of the Classical Reform tradition – the historic progressive interpretation of liberal Judaism in America. We seek to preserve and creatively renew the deep spiritual values, rich intellectual foundations and distinctive worship traditions that have historically distinguished the Reform Movement. Our mission includes:

  • The fostering of a meaningful and accessible worship service, primarily in English, reflecting Reform Judaism’s inclusive spiritual ideals, enriched by the beautiful music and challenging pulpit teaching that inspires both mind and heart.
  • Affirming the Prophetic vision that grounds our personal decision-making and ethical action in the teachings of our faith, as central expressions of our religious commitment as Reform Jews – inspiring each of us in our broader commitments to community service and our hope for peace and justice for all people.
  • A focus on the centrality of our heritage and life as American Jews in the expression of our religious identity; celebrating the richness of the experience of our faith and people in the free, open and pluralistic society of the United States.
  • Our advocacy of an active outreach and warm, unconditional support for interfaith families – including the celebration of their weddings - and a welcome to all those seeking to become part of the Jewish community, regardless of background, by fostering inclusive, accessible worship and models of Jewish identity that transcend the boundaries of ethnicity.