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About Us

Operation ASHA is dedicated to bringing tuberculosis treatment and health services to the poorest of the poor. We are among the world’s largest NGOs in tuberculosis treatment and prevention, making these services available to more than 6.1 million people who have little  access to basic healthcare, let alone medicines to treat TB. With treatment centers established in more than 3000 slums and villages in India and Cambodia, OpASHA plans to expand to other regions of the developing world afflicted with TB, and help other organizations fighting TB adopt our methods and technology. 

Operation ASHA has taken TB treatment to the doorsteps of the disadvantaged. Treatment centers are established within the community, e.g. in small shops, huts and temples, so patients can procure the medicine conveniently, without wasting time or spending money on transport, or losing wages. Our highly trained counsellors are responsible for tracking and eliminating default. In addition, Operation ASHA carries out intensive educational campaign and education camps. 80% of our funds are used for social mobilization and rest for delivery of treatment.

Operation ASHA works very closely with Revised National TB Control Programme and uses drugs, hospitals and diagnostic facilities provided by it. OpASHA works as extension of the government’s free infrastructure, doing treatment and prevention for both normal/DST and Drug- Resistant TB. Local health workers do active case finding, education and counseling to destigmatize TB, and support patients in the 6 months long and difficult regimen. OpASHA ensures every dose taken by using eCompliance (biometrics and fingerprinting) which produces accurate and reliable data linked to an electronic medical record system.

"Operation ASHA's DOTS centers serve as low-cost, efficient and accessible pipeline penetrating deep into the slums where government and other nonprofits have failed to reach", said a management expert from McKinsey.

Having virtually eliminated default, established a cost-effective and replicable model, Operation ASHA is expanding rapidly. So far 36,000 patients have been treated, giving them health and productivity. OpASHA’s 13-point model has now been replicated by third parties in Uganda, Dominican Republic and Kenya.