Villa Maria School

  • CT


161 Sky Meadow Drive
United States

About Us

Villa Maria is a private, co-educational day school serving students with learning disabilities in grades kindergarten through ninth. Students succeed here, because, often for the first time in their academic life, they are in a place where their learning differences are recognized, understood, and addressed in a caring and professional way. Often our students come from large classroom environments where they have felt lost and overwhelmed. As a result they have fallen behind, and may often feel inadequate, frustrated, “not as smart as the other kids.”

At Villa Maria, they find a very different environment—and, as a result, very different feelings about themselves. They find small classes, averaging just four students. They find caring, understanding teachers, each a certified expert. They find a warm and nurturing environment.

Students of diverse backgrounds come to Villa Maria, and immediately you can sense their relief. Finally, they are in a place where they can be themselves, where they are accepted, and where they can get the specialized help and attention they need. In this smaller, more structured, highly individualized environment, they find themselves learning, participating, taking responsibility, growing socially—all the skills they’ll need to succeed and return to a mainstream setting.