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About Us


Femili PNG’s vision is to provide effective client services and foster strong partnerships to address family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea.


Femili PNG’s mission is to work with clients, partners and communities to improve responses to family and sexual violence through our case-management, partner support, training, monitoring, research and advocacy.

What is case management?

Femili PNG’s Case Management Centre (CMC) in Lae provides integrated case management services for survivors of family and sexual violence.

But what is case management? It depends on the client, and on their needs.

Case management can include:

  • Referrals: if a client needs medical attention, they will be referred to a local medical provider. If they need access to safe accommodation, a Case Worker can help to arrange this. If they need legal advice, or to seek a protection order from the police, they will be supported through the process.
  • Case conferences: CMC can bring together a range of stakeholders in Lae to hold a case conference to ensure the best outcomes for clients with challenging or complex cases.
  • Relocation: For some clients who want to leave a situation of violence, relocation or family reunification is the best option. More details below.
  • Advocacy for clients: if a client has not been able to achieve the outcome that they were hoping for through the justice system or from police, Case Workers can advocate on their behalf for a better outcome.

Other support we provide for clients can include:

  • Emergency support: Even when in a shelter, clients and their children often have no means of subsistence. Many leave their homes to seek help with just the clothes on their backs. We often help clients meet their food and other basic needs while they are accommodated in safe houses.
  • Transport: We provide clients with secure transport to help them move from the safe house, to the police, to court or to seek medical care.
  • Statements: We help clients make statements to obtain an Interim Protection Order from the police.