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About Us

ABOUT CRDF:Christian Relief and Development Foundation (CRDF) is a Christian relief and development society, committed to fulfil the command Jesus Christ gave to His followers to take care of the poor and oppressed (Matt. 25:31-46) irrespective of their race, religion, gender or political conviction.

CRDF was officially registered by the Government’s Registrar of Societies on 26th August 2011 as a non-profit, Non Governmental, Christian relief, development and child focused Organization. CRDF was established in 2007 in Zambia by a group of Christians from various denominations and operated as volunteers in fostering sustainable development.

We operate in partnership with local churches and Christian organisations, awakening and empowering them to share the love of Christ through practical deeds. CRDF began in 2007 as a small group of volunteers in Sesheke in response to increasing levels of poverty and deprivation among peri-urban and rural based households mainly focussing on assisting those displaced by floods and those affected by HIV/Aids. Now, over four years later, CRDF is fully operational providing social, development and relief aid through over 20 projects in more than 20 communities in Western Zambia.


CDRF envisions an empowered and economically secure community whose people utilise sustainable means to continuously enhance the quality of their lives.

Mission To improve lives of disadvantaged people through capacity building for sustainable utilisation and management of natural resources.

Core ValuesThe mission ofCRDF is anchored on the following core values;• Christian Orientation • Transparency and Accountability • Sustainability • Partnership • Equal Opportunity

·A Christian Orientation which emphasises honesty and attaches great importance to human life and dignity,

·Transparency and Accountability to all the target groups/communities, donors and partners in general.

·Sustainability of the means and outcomes of the livelihoods of the target group.

·Partnership as the basis for engaging the target groups, implementing development initiatives on behalf of partners, helping learning institutions conduct their research in the communities and networking with fellow stakeholders.

·Equal Opportunity regardless of race, creed, sex, age, HIV status, ethnicity and any other form of discrimination.

CRDF works directly with the grassroots of disadvantaged households and communities and focuses on poverty reduction strategies that embrace sustainability as a key concept in the project cycle. The mode of delivery is through environmental, social and economic sustainability of livelihood systems derived from CRDF’s thematic areas.

Key Thematic Areas:

1.Agriculture and Food security

2.Water supply, sanitation and hygiene

3.Environmental conservation and Disaster management

4.Gender development, Social protection and child educational support

5.Health/ HIV-Aids