ChooseWell Communities, Inc.

  • Kentucky


1700 Rowan Street
United States

About Us

 Founded in Louisville in 2014, ChooseWell Communities, Inc.(CWC), serves as a catalyst for compassionate, community-driven healing, seeking and piloting solutions to our community’s most pressing health-related challenges. With a deep belief in the power of community to transform lives,

In April 2016, CWC made the commitment to trailblaze solutions for families with a parent in early addiction recovery who is also raising at least one child under age 3. Through its Project Thrive Housing-First PIlot, CWC is answering the question: What is possible when families at high risk of perpetuating Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are anchored in safe and permanent housing and embraced by a compassionate community of support?   

With guidance from 18 Founding Families and over a dozen community collaborators, CWC is testing relevant solutions to our Families’ unique housing, health, vocational/educational, child welfare and other concerns.  Our approach already tackles 8 of the 11 root causes of health inequities identified in Metro Louisville’s 2017 Health Equity Report and our City’s 2-year plan to address substance misuse. We are activating upstream solutions to eradicate toxic stress in the first three years of life for infants born into families with histories of parental substance misuse – stress that threatens the very brain architecture that influences a child’s social, emotional and cognitive capacities for a lifetime.